Forthcoming Titles Lists
Science & Technology: Forthcoming Titles, 2013. Choice, v.50, no. 09, May 2013.

As with others in Choice‘s popular “forthcoming” series, this selected list of science and technology titles is designed to provide information about new or soon to be released publications that may support academic curricula and library collections, particularly at the undergraduate level.  The feature highlights forthcoming titles scheduled for publication from May 2013 through mid-2014.

In compiling this list, Choice contacted publishers and invited them to submit new title information.  In addition, editors checked publisher catalogs and prepublication announcements for appropriate titles.  The bibliographic information was supplied directly by publishers or obtained from publisher catalogs and promotional materials; data include anticipated release date, price, and ISBN when these were known.  Estimated prices are followed by “e.”  As in all lists of this type, release dates, prices, and even titles are subject to change at a later date.  Please check with the publisher or your bookseller for the latest information.
Choice extends special thanks to the publishers who supplied and verified information about their new and forthcoming titles for this feature.  An alphabetical list of publishers and their web addresses appears at the end of this feature.


Complementarity, Causality, Explanation, by John P. Losee.  Transaction, May 2013.  $59.95 ISBN 9781412849906; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9781412850964

Connected Science: Strategies for Integrative Learning in College, ed. by Tricia A. Ferrett et al.  Indiana, May 2013.  $75.00 ISBN 9780253009272; $26.00 pbk ISBN 9780253009395; $22.99 e-book ISBN 9780253009463

Cosmic Apprentice: Dispatches from the Edges of Science, by Dorion Sagan.  Minnesota, May 2013.  $24.95 ISBN 9780816681358

The Disunity of American Culture: Science, Religion, Technology, and the Secular State, by John C. Caiazza.  Transaction, May 2013.  $39.95 ISBN 9781412851688; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9781412851107

Enabling Comprehensive Situational Awareness, by Susan Lindell Radke, Russ Johnson, and Jeff Baranyi.  Esri Press, Jun. 2013.  $18.95 ISBN 9781589483064

Everything That Follows Is Different: The Disruptive Power of Insight, by Gary Klein.  PublicAffairs, Jun. 2013.  $27.99 ISBN 9781610392518

Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms, by Brad Olsen.  CCC Publishing, May 2013.  $17.95 ISBN 9781888729467

Life, War, Earth: Deleuze and the Sciences, by John Protevi.  Minnesota, Jul. 2013.  $25.00 ISBN 9780816681020

The Lost Art of Finding Our Way, by John Edward Huth.  Harvard, May 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780674072824

Mad Science: Psychiatric Coercion, Diagnosis, and Drugs, by Stuart Kirk, Tomi Gomory, and David Cohen.  Transaction, May 2013.  $39.95 ISBN 9781412849760

New Technologies and Human Rights: Challenges to Regulation, ed. by Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha et al.  Ashgate, May 2013.  $134.95 ISBN 9781409442165; $134.95 e-book ISBN 9781409442172

Plunkett’s Nanotechnology & MEMS Industry Almanac 2014, by Jack W. Plunkett.  Plunkett Research, Jun. 2014.  $349.99 ISBN 9781608797387

Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization, by K. Eric Drexler.  PublicAffairs, May 2013.  $28.99 ISBN 9781610391139

Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future, by Donald R. Prothero.  Indiana, Sep. 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780253010292; $29.99 e-book ISBN 9780253010292

Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science, ed. by Stathis Psillos and Martin Curd.  Routledge, Jul. 2013.  $65.00 ISBN 9780415518758

The Science Fiction Reboot: Canon, Innovation, and Fandom in Refashioned Franchises, by Heather Urbanski.  McFarland, May 2013.  $40.00 ISBN 9780786465095

The Science of Miracles: Investigating the Incredible, by Joe Nickell.  Prometheus Books, May 2013.  $18.00 ISBN 9781616147419

The Science of the Fastball, by William Blewett.  McFarland, May 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780786471799

Science Wars: Politics, Gender, and Race, by Anthony Walsh.  Transaction, May 2013.  $34.95 ISBN 9781412851633; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9781412851060

The Science Writer’s Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Pitch, Publish, and Prosper in the Digital Age, by Thomas Hayden and Michelle Nijhuis.  Da Capo, May 2013.  $16.99 pbk ISBN 9780738216560

Understanding the Relationship between Networks and Technology, Creativity, and Innovation, ed. by Barak Aharonson.  Emerald Group Publishing, Aug. 2013e.  $124.95 ISBN not yet set.

War and Technology, by Jeremy Black.  Indiana, Aug. 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780253009845; $23.99 e-book ISBN 9780253009890

The Way of Science: Finding Truth and Meaning in a Scientific Worldview, by Dennis R. Trumble.  Prometheus Books, Jul. 2013.  $20.00 ISBN 9781616147556

Yellowstone, Land of Wonders: Promenade in North America’s National Park, by Jules Leclercq.  Nebraska, May 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780803244771


Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein: Colossal Mistakes by Great Scientists That Changed Our Understanding of Life and the Universe, by Mario Livio.  Simon & Schuster, May 2013.  $26.00 ISBN 9781439192368

Craft Treatises and Handbooks: The Dissemination of Technical Knowledge in the Middle Ages, ed. by Ricardo Córdoba de la Llave.  Brepols, May 2013.  $102.00 ISBN 9782503544397

The Electric Pullman: A History of the Niles Car & Manufacturing Company, by Lawrence A. Brough.  Indiana, Jun. 2013.  $30.00 ISBN 9780253007902; $24.99 e-book ISBN 9780253007995

Issac Beeckman on Matter and Motion: Mechanical Philosophy in the Making, by Klaas van Berkel.  Johns Hopkins, Jun. 2013.  $39.95 pbk ISBN 9781421409368; $39.95 e-book ISBN 9781421409610

Jane Austen and Animals, by Barbara K. Seeber.  Ashgate, May 2013.  $89.95 ISBN 9781409456049; $89.95 e-book ISBN 9781409456056

Off the Main Line: A Photographic Odyssey, by Don L. Hofsommer.  Indiana, Jul. 2013.  $55.00 pbk ISBN 9780253008329; $46.99 e-book ISBN 9780253008688

Probing the Sky with Radio Waves: From Wireless Technology to the Development of Atmospheric Science, by Chen-Pang Yeang.  Chicago, Jun. 2013.  $60.00 ISBN 9780226015194; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780226034812

Railroads for Michigan, by Graydon M. Meints.  Michigan State, Jun. 2013.  $49.95 ISBN 9781611860856

Return from the Natives: How Margaret Mead Won the Second World War and Lost the Cold War, by Peter Mandler.  Yale, May 2013e.  $40.00e ISBN 97803001878544

The Rock Island Line, by Bill Marvel.  Indiana, Jul. 2013.  Price not yet set, ISBN 9780253011275; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780253011312

Science and Societies in Frankfurt am Main, by Ayako Sakurai.  Pickering & Chatto, Jun. 2013.  $99.00 ISBN 9781848933972

Studies of Skin Color in the Early Royal Society: Boyle, Cavendish, Swift, by Cristina Malcolmson.  Ashgate, Jun. 2013.  $99.95 ISBN 9780754637783

The Summits of Modern Man: Mountaineering after the Enlightenment, by Peter H. Hansen.  Harvard, May 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780674047990

Water and the Making of the Modern City, by John Broich.  Pittsburgh, May 2013.  $30.00 ISBN 9780822944270


Food Co-ops in America: Communities, Consumption, and Economic Democracy, by Anne Meis Knupfer.  Cornell, May 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780801451140

Food Policy in the United States, by Parke Wilde.  Routledge, May 2013.  $39.95 pbk ISBN 9781849714297

Handbook of Nutrition and Food, by Carolyn D. Berdanier.  CRC Press, Jul. 2013.  $279.95 ISBN 9781466505711; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9781466505728

Introduction to Food Engineering, by R. Paul Singh.  Elsevier, Aug. 2013.  $89.95 ISBN 9780123985309

The Politics of Genetically Modified Agriculture in Africa, by Jemima Agyare.  Taylor & Francis, Aug. 2013.  $130.00 ISBN 9780415596770


Dynamics and Evolution of Galactic Nuclei, by David Merritt.  Princeton, Jul. 2013.  $75.00 pbk ISBN 9780691158600

The Handy Astronomy Answer Book, by Charles Liu.  3rd ed.  Visible Ink, May 2013.  $21.95 pbk ISBN 9781578594801; $19.95 e-book, e-Pub ISBN 9781578594818

Introduction to Astrochemistry: Chemical Processes in Stars and Planet Formation, by Satoshi Yamamoto.  Springer, Dec. 2013.  $139.00 ISBN 9784431541707

The Milky Way: An Insider’s Guide, by William H. Waller.  Princeton, May 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780691122243

Rocket Girl: The Story of America’s First Female Rocket Scientist, by George D. Morgan.  Prometheus Books, Jul. 2013.  $18.00 ISBN 9781616147396

Rotational Motion of Celestial Bodies, by Toshio Fukushima.  Springer, Nov. 2013.  $139.00 ISBN 9784431542094

Viewing and Imaging the Solar System: A Complete Guide for Amateur Astronomers, by Jane Clark.  Springer, Jun. 2013.  $34.95 ISBN 9781461451785

The X-15 Rocket Plane: Flying the First Wings into Space, by Michelle Evans.  Nebraska, Jun. 2013.  $36.95 ISBN 9780803228405


After the Grizzly: Endangered Species and the Politics of Place in California, by Peter Alagona.  California, May 2013.  $34.95 ISBN 9780520275065

Aquinas on the Beginning and End of Human Life, by Fabrizio Amerini; tr. by Mark Henninger.  Harvard, Jun. 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780674072473

Biologics, A History of Agents Made from Living Organisms in the Twentieth Century, by Alexander von Schwerin, Heiko Stoff, and Bettina Wahrig.  Pickering & Chatto, Aug. 2013.  $99.00 ISBN 9781848934306

The Biology of Reefs and Reef Organisms, by Walter M. Goldberg.  Chicago, Jul. 2013.  $145.00 ISBN 9780226301679; $55.00 pbk ISBN 9780226301686

Comparative Biomechanics: Life’s Physical World, by Steven Vogel.  2nd ed.  Princeton, Jun. 2013.  $99.50 ISBN 9780691155661

Evolution, Games, and God: The Principle of Cooperation, ed. by Martin A. Nowak and Sarah Coakley.  Harvard, May 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780674047976

Green Equilibrium: The Vital Balance of Humans and Nature, by Christopher Wills.  Oxford, May 2013.  $34.95 ISBN 9780199645701

Invasive Species: What Everyone Needs to Know, by Daniel Simberloff.  Oxford, Aug. 2013.  $16.95 ISBN 9780199922031

The Longevity Seekers: Science, Business, and the Fountain of Youth, by Ted Anton.  Chicago, May 2013.  $26.00 ISBN 9780226020938; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780226020952

On Gaia, by Toby Tyrrell.  Princeton, Jun. 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780691121581

The Peace-Athabasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem, by Kevin P. Timoney.  University of Alberta Press, Jun. 2013.  $90.00 ISBN 9780888646033

Plant and Animal Endemism in California, by Susan P. Harrison.  California, Jun. 2013.  $49.95 ISBN 9780520275546

Plunkett’s Biotech & Genetics Industry Almanac 2014, by Jack W. Plunkett.  Plunkett Research, Aug. 2013.  $349.99 ISBN 9781608797141

Randomness in Evolution, by John Tyler Bonner.  Princeton, May 2013.  $27.95 ISBN 9780691157016

Relentless Evolution, by John N. Thompson.  Chicago, Jul. 2013.  $100.00 ISBN 9780226018614; $35.00 pbk ISBN 9780226018898

Romantic Biology, 1890-1945, by Maurizio Esposito.  Pickering & Chatto, Oct. 2013.  $99.00 ISBN 9781848934207

Rough and Tumble: Aggression, Hunting, and Human Evolution, by Travis Rayne Pickering.  California, May 2013e.  $29.95 ISBN 9780520274006

Tidal Wetlands Primer: An Introduction to Their Ecology, Natural History, Status, and Conservation, by Ralph W. Tiner.  Massachusetts, Aug. 2013.  $39.95 ISBN 9781625340221

Trying Biology: The Scopes Trial, Textbooks, and the Antievolution Movement in American Schools, by Adam R. Shapiro.  Chicago, May 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780226029450; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780226029597


Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology, by Mohammad Pessarakli.  3rd ed.  CRC Press, Mar. 2014.  $199.95 ISBN 9781466553286

Low-Oxygen: Stress in Plants: Oxygen Sensing and Adaptive Responses to Hypoxia, by Joost T. van Dongen.  Springer, Aug. 2013.  $209.00 ISBN 9783709112533

Plant Life of the Dolomites: Vegetation Structure and Ecology, by Erika Pignatti; tr. by Philip Isenberg.  Springer, Jun. 2013.  $209.00 ISBN 9783642310423

The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants: Easy to Pick, Easy to Prepare, by Lytton John Musselman and Harold J. Wiggins.  Johns Hopkins, May 2013.  $24.95 ISBN 9781421408712; $24.95 e-book ISBN 9781421408729

Seaweed Invasions: A Synthesis of Ecological, Economic, and Legal Imperatives, by Craig R. Johnson.  Walter De Gruyter, Jul. 2013.  $140.00 ISBN 9783110240665

Seaweeds: Edible, Available, and Sustainable, by Ole G. Mouritsen; tr. by Mariela Johansen.  Chicago, May 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780226044361; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780226044538

Strasburger’s Plant Sciences: Including Prokaryotes and Fungi, by Andreas Bresinsky et al.  Springer, Jul. 2013.  $679.00 ISBN 9783642155178

Tree-Ring Analysis of Environmental Change: Principles and Applications of Dendrochronology, by Franco Biondi.  Springer, May 2013.  $139.00 ISBN 9783540883906


Alexander Wilson: The Scot Who Founded American Ornithology, by Edward H. Burtt Jr. and William E. Davis Jr.  Harvard, May 2013.  $35.00 ISBN 9780674072558

Animal Behavior, ed. by Ken Yasukawa.  Praeger, Aug. 2013.  $194.00 ISBN 9780313398704

The Animal Experimentation Debate: A Reference Handbook, by David E. Newton.  ABC-CLIO, May 2013.  $58.00 ISBN 9781610693172

The Art of Migration: Birds, Insects, and the Changing Seasons in Chicagoland, by John Bates, James H. Boone, and David Willard.  Chicago, Jun. 2013.  $25.00 ISBN 9780226046297; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780226046327

The Biology of Sharks and Rays, by A. Peter Klimley.  Chicago, Jul. 2013.  $40.00 ISBN 9780226442495; price not yet set, e-book 9780226923086

Birds of the Sierra Nevada: Their Natural History, Status, and Distribution, by Edward C. Beedy, Edward R. Pandolfino, and Keith Hansen.  California, Jun. 2013.  $75.00 ISBN 9780520274938; $39.95 pbk ISBN 9780520274945

Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes, by Stephen T. Ross.  California, Jun. 2013.  $75.00 ISBN 9780520249455

Field Guide to the Fishes of the Chesapeake Bay, by Edward O. Murdy and John A. Musick.  Johns Hopkins, May 2013.  $24.95 ISBN 9781421407685

Frogs of the United States and Canada, by Kenneth C. Dodd.  Johns Hopkins, Jun. 2013.  $180.00 ISBN 9781421406336; $180.00 e-book ISBN 9781421410388

The Global Guide to Animal Protection: An Interdisciplinary Compendium of Worldwide Animal Rights Issues, ed. by Andrew Linzey.  Illinois, Jun. 2013.  $95.00 ISBN 9780252036354; $27.00 pbk ISBN 9780252079191

The Great Lake Sturgeon, by Nancy Auer and Dave Dempsey.  Michigan State, Jun. 2013.  $29.95 pbk ISBN 9781611860788

Grzimek’s Encyclopedia of Animal Life: Extinction, ed. by Norman MacLeod, J. David Archibald, and Phillip Levin.  2nd ed.  Gale, Jun. 2013.  $270 ISBN 9781414490670; pricing based on institution and FTE, e-book ISBN 9781414490700

In Pursuit of Early Mammals, by Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska.  Indiana, Jun. 2013.  $60.00 ISBN 9780253008176; $50.99 e-book ISBN 9780253008244

Mammoths and the Environment, by Valentina V. Ukraintseva.  Cambridge, Jun. 2013.  $140.00 ISBN 9781107027169

Odd Couples: Extraordinary Differences between the Sexes in the Animal Kingdom, by Daphne J. Fairbairn.  Princeton, May 2013.  $27.95 ISBN 9780691141961

The Raptors of Iowa, by Dean M. Roosa et al.  Iowa, May 2013.  $29.95 pbk ISBN 9781609381660

Reptiles and Amphibians of the Pacific Islands: A Comprehensive Guide, by George R. Zug.  California, Jun. 2013.  $70.00 ISBN 9780520274952; $34.95 pbk ISBN 9780520274969

Sabertooth, by Mauricio Antón.  Indiana, Oct. 2013.  $50.00 ISBN 9780253010421; $42.99 e-book ISBN 9780253010421

The Spirit of the Hive: Mechanisms of Social Evolution, by Robert E. Page Jr.  Harvard, Jun. 2013.  $39.95 ISBN 9780674073029

Stung!: On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean, by Lisa-Ann Gershwin.  Chicago, May 2013.  $27.50 ISBN 9780226020105; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780226020242

The Turtles of Mexico: Land and Freshwater Forms, by John M. Legler and Richard C. Vogt.  California, Aug. 2013.  $125.00 ISBN 9780520268609


CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, by William M. Haynes.  94th ed.  CRC Press, Jun. 2013.  $169.95 ISBN 9781466571143; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9781466571150

Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell, by A. Zee.  Princeton, Jun. 2013.  $75.00 ISBN 9780691145587

Gas! Gas! Quick, Boys!: How Chemistry Changed the First World War, by Michael Freemantle.  Trafalgar Square, Jun. 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780752466019

The Handy Chemistry Answer Book, by Ian C. Stewart and Justin P. Lomont.  Visible Ink, Sep. 2013.  $21.95 pbk ISBN 9781578594849; $19.95 e-book, e-Pub ISBN 9781578594849

Introductory Food Chemistry, by John W. Brady.  Cornell, Jul. 2013.  $95.00 ISBN 9780801450754

Magnificent Principia: Exploring Isaac Newton’s Masterpiece, by Colin Pask.  Prometheus Books, Aug. 2013.  $26.00 ISBN 9781616147457

Matter and Method in the Long Chemical Revolution: Laws of Another Order, by Victor D. Boantza.  Ashgate, Sep. 2013.  $124.95 ISBN 9781409418672; $124.95 e-book ISBN 9781409418689

Natural Products Desk Reference, by John Buckingham.  CRC Press, Jan. 2014.  $129.95 ISBN 9781439873618; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9781439873625

Potions: Modern Mythology of Drugs and Toxins, by Joshua W. Hamilton.  Oxford, Sep. 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780195329032

A Tale of Seven Elements, by Eric Scerri.  Oxford, Jun. 2013.  $19.95 ISBN 9780195391312

We Called It MAG-nificent: Dow Chemical and Magnesium, 1916-1998, by E. N. Brandt.  Michigan State, May 2013.  $24.95 ISBN 9781611860757


Antarctica: A Biography, by David Day.  Oxford, May 2013.  $34.95 ISBN 9780199861453

At the Top of the Grand Staircase: The Late Cretaceous of Southern Utah, ed. by Alan L. Titus and Mark A. Loewen.  Indiana, Aug. 2013.  $85.00 ISBN 9780253008831; $72.99 e-book ISBN 9780253008961

Down by the Bay: San Francisco’s History between the Tides, by Matthew Morse Booker.  California, May 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780520273207

The Fossils of the Carpathian Region, by István Fözy and István Szente; ed. by Gareth Dyke.  Indiana, Oct. 2013.  $110.00 ISBN 9780253009821; $89.99 e-book ISBN 9780253009876

The Lost World of Fossil Lake: Snapshots from Deep Time, by Lance Grande.  Chicago, May 2013.  $45.00 ISBN 9780226922966; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780226922980

Minerals, Collecting, and Value across the US-Mexico Border, by Elizabeth Emma Ferry.  Indiana, Jul. 2013.  $75.00 ISBN 9780253009289; $26.00 pbk ISBN 9780253009364; $22.99 e-book ISBN 9780253009487

Paleoclimate, by Michael L. Bender.  Princeton, Jul. 2013.  $27.95 pbk ISBN 9780691145556

Rhinoceros Giants: The Paleobiology of the Indricotheres, by Donald R. Prothero.  Indiana, May 2013.  $42.00 ISBN 9780253008190; $34.99 e-book ISBN 9780253008268

Tyrannosaurid Paleobiology, ed. by Michael Parrish et al.  Indiana, Jul. 2013.  $60.00 ISBN 9780253009302; $49.99 e-book ISBN 9780253009470


The Coal Handbook: Towards Cleaner Production, ed. by David Osborne.  2v.  Woodhead Publishing, Sep. 2013.  $510.00 ISBN 9781782421535; volumes also available individually

Energy and Electricity in Industrial Nations: The Sociology and Technology of Energy, by Allan Mazur.  Routledge, May 2013.  $155.00 ISBN 9780415634410; $48.95 pbk ISBN 9780415634427

Energy: The Basics, by Harold Schobert.  Routledge, Jul. 2013.  $19.95 ISBN 9780415603010

Form Follows Energy: Buildings and Energy, by Brian Cody.  Springer, Nov. 2013.  $79.95 ISBN 9783211791639

Fuel Cell Technology Handbook, by Gregor Hoogers.  Taylor & Francis, Jul. 2013.  $149.95 ISBN 9781420069891

The Great Texas Wind Rush: How George Bush, Ann Richards, and a Bunch of Tinkerers Helped the Oil and Gas State Win in the Race to Wind Power, by Kate Galbraith and Asher Price.  Texas, Jul. 2013.  $24.95 ISBN 9780292735835; $24.95 e-book ISBN 9780292748804

Green Energy for the Chemical Industry, ed. by Gabriele Centi.  Walter de Gruyter, Nov. 2013.  $252.00 ISBN 9783110277302

Living with Oil: Promises, Peaks, and Declines on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, by Lisa Breglia.  Texas, May 2013.  $55.00 ISBN 9780292744615; $55.00 e-book ISBN 9780292748743

Nuclear Power: A Reference Handbook, by Harry Henderson.  2nd ed.  ABC-CLIO, Aug. 2013.  $58.00 ISBN 9781610693967

The Science and Technology of Energy, by Paul Meakin.  Wiley, Jun. 2013.  $220.00 ISBN 9780470626139

Sustainability, Energy and Architecture: Case Studies in Realizing Green Buildings, by Ali Sayigh.  Elsevier, Jul. 2013.  $89.95 ISBN 9780123972699

Unconventional Energy Resources, by N. Ahmed.  Wiley, May 2013.  $195.00 ISBN 9781118232965


Bridge Engineering Handbook, by Wai-Fah Chen.  2nd ed.  CRC Press, Sep. 2013.  $289.95 ISBN 9781439852057; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9781439852064

Catalysis by Transition Metal Sulfides: From Molecular Theory to Industrial Application, by H. Toulhoat and P. Raybaud.  Editions Technip, Spring 2013.  Price not yet set.  ISBN 9782710809913

Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting with Disaster, by Walter M. Brasch.  Greeley & Stone, May 2013.  $15.95e ISBN 9780942991123

John Frank Stevens: Civil Engineer, by Clifford Foust.  Indiana, Oct. 2013.  $39.00 ISBN 9780253010612; $33.99 e-book ISBN 9780253010698

The John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Handbook, by Charles E. Baukal Jr.  2nd ed.  3v.  CRC Press, Jun. 2013.  $359.00 ISBN 9781439839614

Plunkett’s Engineering & Research Industry Almanac 2014, by Jack W. Plunkett.  Plunkett Research, May 2014.  $349.99 ISBN 9781608797356

Plunkett’s Telecommunications Industry Almanac 2014, by Jack W. Plunkett.  Plunkett Research, Aug. 2013.  $349.99 ISBN 9781608797134

Small Wastewater Treatment Systems, by A. Cauchi and Ch. Vignoles.  Editions Technip, Spring 2013.  $34.00 ISBN 9782710810094

Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age, by W. Bernard Carlson.  Princeton, May 2013.  $26.95 ISBN 9780691156491


Arming Mother Nature: The Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism, by Jacob Darwin Hamblin.  Oxford, May 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780199740055

Climate and Ecosystems, by David Schimel.  Princeton, Jun. 2013.  $27.95 pbk ISBN 9780691151960

Consequentialism and Environmental Ethics, ed. by Avram Hiller and Leonard Kahn.  Routledge, Nov. 2013.  $125.00 ISBN 9780415823807

Dancing with the River: People and Life on the Chars of South Asia, by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and Gopa Samanta.  Yale, May 2013e.  $65.00e ISBN 9780300188301

Ecology of Climate Change: The Importance of Biotic Interactions, by Eric Post.  Princeton, Jul. 2013.  $59.50 ISBN 9780691148472

Enlightenment’s Frontier: The Scottish Highlands and the Origins of Environmentalism, by Fredrik Albritton Jonsson.  Yale, Jun. 2013e.  $50.00 ISBN 9780300162547

Environmental Movements around the World: Shades of Green in Politics and Culture, ed. by Timothy Doyle and Sherilyn MacGregor.  Praeger, Aug. 2013.  $131.00 ISBN 9780313393532

Handbook of Indoor Air Contaminants, by Dean T. Tompkins.  CRC Press, Aug. 2013.  $149.95 ISBN 9781566706131; price not yet set, e-book ISBN 9780203490020

Human Geography: People and the Environment, ed. by K. Lee Lerner, Brenda Wimoth Lerner, and Sonia Benson.  2v.  Gale, May 2013.  $270 ISBN 9781414491356; pricing based on institution and FTE, e-book ISBN 9781414491387

Invisible Nature: Healing the Destructive Divide between People and the Environment, by Kenneth Worthy.  Prometheus Books, Aug. 2013.  $19.00 ISBN 9781616147631

Make It a Green Peace!: The Rise of Countercultural Environmentalism, by Frank Zelko.  Oxford, May 2013.  $34.95 ISBN 9780199947089

New Natures: Joining Environmental History with Science and Technology Studies, by Dolly Jorgensen, Finn Arne Jorgensen, and Sara Pritchard.  Pittsburgh, Jun. 2013.  $27.95 pbk ISBN 9780822962427

Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters, by Kate Brown.  Oxford, May 2013.  $27.95 ISBN 9780199855766

The Snail Darter and the Dam: How Pork-Barrel Politics Endangered a Little Fish and Killed a River, by Zygmunt J. B. Plater.  Yale, Jun. 2013e.  $32.50e ISBN 9780300173246

The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society, by Arjen Y. Hoekstra.  Routledge, Jun. 2013.  $34.95 pbk ISBN 9781849714273

The West without Water: What Past Floods, Droughts, and Other Climatic Clues Tell Us about Tomorrow, by B. Lynn Ingram and Frances Malamud-Roam.  California, Jun. 2013.  $29.95 ISBN 9780520268555


Bacteria in Britain, 1880-1939, by Rosemary Wall.  Pickering & Chatto, Sep. 2013.  $99.00 ISBN 9781848934276

Beyond Words: Illness and the Limits of Expression, by Kathlyn Conway.  New Mexico, May 2013.  $27.95 ISBN 9780826353245

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