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Help in Using Choice Reviews Online     

While Choice Reviews Online has been designed to be intuitive for most users, a few minutes with our Top Tips for Using the New Choice Reviews Online page will get you up and running more efficiently. The Top Tips tell you what is new with Version 2 of Choice Reviews Online.

A major new feature for site license subscribers is the ability to define a subject Profile that gathers reviews that match your particular interests in each month’s issue. For detailed instructions, see My Profile.

With the number of expanded features of Choice Review Online, you may want some guidance. A list of common questions–with their answers–is available at our FAQ.  There are sections on the following topics:

Free Trials and Subscriptions
Accessing the Service
Current Issue & My Monthly Reviews
Current Issue: Editorial Features
Searching for Reviews
Displaying Records
Managing Records

You are always welcome to contact Choice staff if you have a question. Send an email to Choice Customer Service at [email protected]; click on the User Feedback button midway down the right column of any page of Choice Reviews Online and use the form; or phone us at 860-347-6933 and press 5.

My Profile

Creating a Profile allows you to view new reviews each month tailored to your interests. When each new issue goes online, you will be sent a personal e-mail containing citations to reviews matching your Profile. You will also, at any time during the month, be able to go to My Monthly Reviews on the Web and view that month’s citations and reviews matching your Profile.


You must be logged in as a personal user of CRO2 to create a Profile.  Click on MY PROFILE in the middle of the top navigation bar.  Once you have completed the personal registration information, scroll down to the gray bar that says SUBJECT AREAS.

There are two major steps to defining your Profile.

Select the topics in which you are interested.  You may choose topics by:

Limit your topics, if you choose to, by any or all of three factors:

I. Selecting Topics
Any of the selections you make to create your Profile topics will be combined with a Boolean OR to create one large set.

Subject areas are listed in the same order as their corresponding sections appear in Choice magazine.
Every item reviewed in Choice is assigned one SUBJECT AREA (and only one).
Click the box to enter a checkmark in front of the subject(s) you want; click a checked box to take a subject out of your topic list.

An item reviewed in Choice may be assigned from zero to five INTERDISCIPLINARY CATEGORIES, depending on its content. Most interdisciplinary categories describe topics. The exception is Electronic Resources, which indicates that the format of the reviewed item is digital rather than print.
Click the box to enter a checkmark in front of any interdisciplinary category you want; click a checked box to take a category out of your topic list.

This classification refers to letters and numbers indicating the subject of the item according to the Library of Congress system, assigned by cataloging authorities.  Most, but not all, books reviewed in Choice are assigned LC classification numbers. Most electronic resources are not assigned LC classification numbers.

Enter LC numbers ranging from lowest to highest; include the upper-most number of the subclass(es) in which you are interested, for example:
HB to HC9999 (retrieves items related to economics)
HD to HE (retrieves all items classified HD but not those classified HE)
PQ6000 to PQ8999 (retrieves items related to Spanish literature)
QE to QE9999 (retrieves items on geology)

Words, phrases, or word fragments that appear in the title or subtitle of the work reviewed.
Right-hand truncation is automatic: global will find global, globalization, globalisation, globular.
Enter from zero to three keywords. The default connector is OR; you may change it to AND. Do not use both AND and OR.

Note! You will not receive an e-mail bulletin or have any records in My Monthly Reviews if you do not enter at least one item from the four groups above to create a topic set.

II. Limiting Topics
The limits you select apply to all the topics that are in your Profile.

Items reviewed may be assigned from one to seven READERSHIP LEVELS.
Limit your Profile by clicking to make a checkmark in the box before a READERSHIP LEVEL you want to include.
If you do not click any box, READERSHIP LEVEL will be disregarded as a factor in your Profile–you will receive reviews with any readership level(s) assigned.

Currently, every item reviewed in Choice is assigned one recommendation level.
Limit your Profile by clicking in the box before a Choice RECOMMENDATION you want to accept.
If you do not click any box, Choice RECOMMENDATION will be disregarded as a factor in your Profile–you will receive reviews with any recommendation assigned (including Not Recommended).

Currently, all items reviewed in Choice are either Books or Electronic Media. Electronic Media may be CD-ROM, DVD, e-books, or Internet Resources.
If you do not check any box, you will receive reviews for all titles, regardless of format.
If you want to receive only reviews for books, check in the box before Books Only.
If you want to receive only reviews for electronic media, check in the box before All Electronic Media.
If you want to receive reviews for Internet resources but not other types of electronic media, check in the box before Internet Resources only.

Click the gray UPDATE MY PROFILE bar at the bottom of the form to finish your Profile. You should get a message saying that your profile was saved, and an invitation to go to My Monthly Reviews to see current reviews matching the profile.




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