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Choice’s “Outstanding Academic Titles”: Top Books and Web Sites for 2011. Choice, v.49, no. 05, January 2012.

Choice subject editors recognize the most significant titles reviewed during the calendar year by compiling the “Outstanding Academic Titles” list, which is published each January. This year the editors collaborated in choosing from among the 2011 list their favorites for the “Top 25 Books” and the “Top 10 Web Sites” lists. The voting process was ever so challenging, but the Choice editors are congenial and the selection was finalized without bloodshed. We hope you enjoy the “Top” lists.

Don’t miss the full “Outstanding Academic Titles, 2011” list in the January 2012 issue, which features 629 exceptional titles. More information about Choice’s “Outstanding Academic Titles” can be found at

Choice ’s “Outstanding Academic Titles, 2011”: Top 25 Books

Age of Greed: The Triumph of Finance and the Decline of America, 1970 to the Present, by Jeff Madrick. Knopf, 2011. 464p ISBN 9781400041718, $30.00. Reviewed in 2011dec CHOICE.

The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture, by Terry O’Reilly and Mike Tennant. Counterpoint, 2010 (c2009). 324p ISBN 1-58243-580-4 $26.00; ISBN 9781582435800, $26.00. Reviewed in 2011mar CHOICE.

Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet, by Jennifer Homans. Random House, 2010. 643p ISBN 9781400060603, $35.00. Reviewed in 2011jun CHOICE.

The Belief Instinct: The Psychology of Souls, Destiny, and the Meaning of Life, by Jesse Bering. 1st American ed. W.W. Norton, 2011. 252p ISBN 9780393072990, $26.95. Reviewed in 2011aug CHOICE.

Changing Planet, Changing Health: How the Climate Crisis Threatens Our Health and What We Can Do about It, by Paul R. Epstein and Dan Ferber. California, 2011. 355p ISBN 9780520269095, $29.95. Reviewed in 2011oct CHOICE.

Children of Fire: A History of African Americans, by Thomas C. Holt. Hill and Wang, 2010. 438p ISBN 0-8090-6713-7, $30.00; ISBN 9780809067138, $30.00. Reviewed in 2011may CHOICE.

China’s America: The Chinese View the United States, 1900-2000, by Jing Li. SUNY Press, 2011. 302p ISBN 1-4384-3517-7, $85.00; ISBN 9781438435176, $85.00. Reviewed in 2011oct CHOICE.

Debtor Nation: The History of America in Red Ink, by Louis Hyman. Princeton, 2011. 376p ISBN 9780691140681, $35.00. Reviewed in 2011jul CHOICE.

Exploring Happiness: From Aristotle to Brain Science, by Sissela Bok. Yale, 2010. 218p ISBN 0-300-13929-2, $24.00; ISBN 9780300139297, $24.00. Reviewed in 2011jan CHOICE.

Global Warming Gridlock: Creating More Effective Strategies for Protecting the Planet, by David G. Victor. Cambridge, 2011. 358p ISBN 9780521865012, $40.00. Reviewed in 2011nov CHOICE.

How to Live, or, a Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer, by Sarah Bakewell. Other Press LLC, 2011 (c2010). 389p ISBN 9781590514252, $25.00; ISBN 9781590514269 e-book, contact publisher for price. Reviewed in 2011sep CHOICE.

The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood, by James Gleick. Pantheon Books, 2011. 526p ISBN 9780375423727, $29.95. Reviewed in 2011aug CHOICE

The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History, by Samuel Moyn. Belknap, Harvard, 2010. 337p ISBN 0-674-04872-5, $27.95; ISBN 9780674048720, $27.95. Reviewed in 2011feb CHOICE.

The Law Is a White Dog: How Legal Rituals Make and Unmake Persons, by Colin Dayan. Princeton, 2011. 343p ISBN 9780691070919, $29.95. Reviewed in 2011oct CHOICE.

Makers: A History of American Studio Craft, by Janet Koplos and Bruce Metcalf. North Carolina, 2010. 529p ISBN 0-8078-3413-0, $65.00; ISBN 9780807834138, $65.00. Reviewed in 2011feb CHOICE.

The Making of a Transnational Capitalist Class: Corporate Power in the Twenty-First Century, by William K. Carroll with Colin Carson et al. Zed Books, 2010. 273p ISBN 9781848134423, $124.95; ISBN 9781848134430, pbk, $37.95. Reviewed in 2011mar CHOICE.

The Powers That Be: Global Energy for the Twenty-First Century and Beyond, by Scott L. Montgomery. Chicago, 2010. 350p ISBN 9780226535005, $35.00. Reviewed in 2011aug CHOICE.

Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788, by Pauline Maier. Simon & Schuster, 2010. 589p ISBN 0-684-86854-7, $30.00; ISBN 9780684868547, $30.00. Reviewed in 2011apr CHOICE.

RNA: Life’s Indispensable Molecule, by James Darnell. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2011. 416p ISBN 9781936113194, $39.00 Reviewed in 2011dec CHOICE.

The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology, ed. by Ian Douglas et al. Routledge, 2011. 664p ISBN 9780415498135, $240.00; ISBN 9780203839263 e-book, $240.00. Reviewed in 2011nov CHOICE.

Soul Searching: Black-Themed Cinema from the March on Washington to the Rise of Blaxploitation, by Christopher Sieving. Wesleyan, 2011. 265p ISBN 9780819571328, $75.00; ISBN 9780819571332 pbk, $27.95; ISBN 9780819571342 e-book, $14.99 Reviewed in 2011dec CHOICE.

This Violent Empire: The Birth of an American National Identity, by Carroll Smith-Rosenberg. North Carolina, 2010. 484p ISBN 9780807832967, $45.00. Reviewed in 2011feb CHOICE.

The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War in the Age of Terror, by Garrett M. Graff. Little, Brown, 2011. 666p ISBN 9780316068611, $27.99 Reviewed in 2011dec CHOICE.

Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier, by Edward Glaeser. Penguin Press, 2011. 338p ISBN 9781594202773, $29.95. Reviewed in 2011jul CHOICE.

What Is a Person?: Rethinking Humanity, Social Life, and the Moral Good from the Person Up, by Christian Smith. Chicago, 2010. 518p ISBN 9780226765914, $40.00. Reviewed in 2011mar CHOICE.

’s “Outstanding Academic Titles, 2011”: Top 10 Websites

Art Project, powered by Google. Reviewed in 2011aug CHOICE.

ArtsConnectEd. Reviewed in 2011feb CHOICE.

California Language Archive, from the University of California, Berkeley. Reviewed in 2011dec CHOICE

Ethnographic Video Online. Alexander Street. Annual academic subscription (unlimited users): $1,220 – $2,495; one-time purchase: $12,500 – $50,000 with annual access fee. Reviewed in 2011nov CHOICE.

First Street. CQ Press. Annual academic subscriptions, based on FTE, average $10,500/year. Reviewed in 2011sep CHOICE.

Mashable: The Social Media Guide. Reviewed in 2011jul CHOICE.

Oxford English Dictionary Online. Oxford. Annual academic subscription, based on FTE, ranges from approximately $1,000 to $15,500, with significant discounts available. Reviewed in 2011may CHOICE.

Philosophy Bites, by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton. Reviewed in 2011apr CHOICE.

Public Library of Law, from Inc. Reviewed in 2011jun CHOICE.

Scitable, by Nature Publishing Group. Reviewed in 2011mar CHOICE.